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DIY Moss Terrarium Kit

Product Description

Bring a bit of green into your life and establish a connection with nature with the charm of a moss terrarium. With Mountain Moss' terrarium kit, you can experience the exhilaration and satisfaction of creating your own miniature moss-scape. LIVE mosses that thrive in the self-sustaining environment of a terrarium are featured in this Do-It-Yourself package. Fluffy green mounds, fern-like carpets and tiny trees are represented in the moss species -- Dicranum, Hypnum, Thuidium,Climacium and Sphagnum. Besides a selection of appropriate mosses, you'll receive items needed to get started such as soil, activated charcoal, lichen sticks, and decorative rocks (smooth black stones and a signature anchor rock). To tend to your moss terrarium, a mister spray bottle filled with mountain water completes your kitInstructions provided by Mossin' Annie with DIY Moss Terrarium Kit.

IMPORTANT – READ before placing your order. Due to agricultural restrictions, Mountain Moss does not ship this moss product to the following states: California, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Please note: Terrarium container NOT included.  Photos of terrarium and Wardian case for illustration purposes only. We suggest you buy a closed-lid glass container for your terrarium available from your local crafts or thrift store. Depending upon the size of container, you'll receive enough live mosses for 1-3 terrariums. Add your own special miniature figurines, tiny fairies, blue glass pebbles or rock crystals to create a magical moss terrarium or vivarium.

Mountain Moss reserves the right to make substitutions of moss species based upon availability. 




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