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Climacium Living Wall Panel -- Shade or Partial Sun

Product Description

Climacium americanum is commonly called Tree Moss. It gets its name from the fact that it grows in colonies that appear like forests of little trees. Actually, upper canopy of tree moss (tops of plants) is much larger than most all other mosses, about .75-1.5” in spread and a height of 1-3”. New growth will be deep green while older growth or colonies in too much sun will be a yellow-green-brownish color. Mature colonies form interwoven mounds that may grow 4-5” tall. Ideal to use for water filtration and storm water run-off. Climacium grows in deep shade as well as partial sun exposure

Mountain Moss is leading the way in greening outdoor and indoor living spaces with vertical moss wall panels that are alive! In contrast with biophile and floral applications (using dry, dead, preserved, dyed mosses) or trying to paint your wall to achieve moss graffiti (an urban myth that’s a waste of time), our living moss wall panels offer an immediate option that reflect an individual’s true commitment to responsible land stewardship and environmental concerns (not so-called “green” gimmicks). Our eco-friendly moss wall panels can be cut easily into geometric shapes, innovative swirls and corporate logos. If you want a green roof without all the fuss of re-engineering your roof, these panels are a simple solution.

Several species options enable designers to use our panels in either shade or sun. Each panel is 39” by 6 ft. No hardware provided but customized options are available by request for an additional fee. Custom orders regarding specific species or shapes should be placed at least six months in advance.

Please note: If living moss wall panels are intended for indoor use, you will need to consider these key factors if you want to keep your green wall alive: How to provide consistent misting? Will misting affect drywall, floors, furniture, or other items by being exposed to the extra moisture? Is there a natural light source such as a window or skylight nearby?

IMPORTANT – READ before placing your order. Due to agricultural restrictions, Mountain Moss does not ship this moss product to the following states: Arkansas, California, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Before ordering, please Contact Mossin' Annie to Discuss Shipping Arrangements. Shipping costs are in addition to the product price and will be assessed as a separate cost. It will be expensive to ship because living walls are shipped flat in a non-standard box size.


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