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Bryoandersonia Mat

Product Description

Bryoandersonia illecebra is sometimes called worm moss or spoon moss. Take a trip back in time to the 60s when shag carpet was popular. Bryoandersonia has the same appearance. Or some people think it looks like small worms. If you take a close up look, you’ll see the leaves curve/cup around the stem, and therefore, scientists refer to this species as spoon moss. Viewing the details, you can observe a translucency in the leaves that adds extra light reflectance and color intensity. Bryoandersonia has an almost electric emerald green vibrancy with major golden overtones. A very shiny moss. In the shade, it will be green. In sunnier locations, it will have a mottled coloration of greens and golds. The plants are loosely connected to each other in colonies. Use care when handling/planting Bryoandersonia because the colonies may fall apart. A terrestrial moss, Bryoandersonia can live on rich soil, rocks or tree stumps. Plant hand-sized colonies or easily separate into plant fragments with your hands and distribute on the soil.  A major plus is that Bryoandersonia tolerates a high heat index.

Our beautiful moss mats roll out like a lush green carpet. Measuring 6 ft x 6 ft, totaling 36 square feet. The moss will be attached to a black landscaping fabric which serves as a weed barrier and provides additional moisture retention. Mats can be cut with scissors into creative shapes or geometric designs. To plant, mosses can be left on black fabric and rolled out as is, or moss colonies can be pulled off. Once removed, mosses can be planted as full colonies for complete coverage and instant gratification or cut up into fragments and scattered to fill in over time. Using the fragmentation planting method, you can cover more square footage but it will take several months to several years to achieve the solid green appeal. Note: The thicker the covering of moss fragments on the ground, the faster the growth. Water and walk on your newly planted mosses for best results.

The price of a mat is separate from shipping charge. Shipping costs range from $75-$200. Price varies on distance it needs to ship and final calculated weight. We do not ship overseas and please be aware that shipping to the west coast is very expensive.

Please Contact Mossin' Annie to Discuss Shipping Arrangements

As an alternative to shipping, we invite you to come to our Mossery to personally select your mat. We are located in Brevard, NC, an hour south of Asheville, and are happy to welcome those who live in surrounding mountain towns or people planning a trip to the Western North Carolina mountains to our location at 100 Elks Club Rd. We are open to the public on Mondays from 1-5pm.

Custom mats are also available. If you wish to place a special order, please contact us. It can take up to six months for the mosses to attach.


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