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Moss Trays

Each moss tray order is approximately 10 x 20” in size providing at least 1.25 sq. ft. of product. Substrate fabric is included providing easy installation for gardeners and landscapers, if desired. Hard plastic tray may not be included in the shipment, unless specifically requested by the customer.

All live mosses, lichens and native plants have either been rescued from high-impact locations or cultivated in our Mossery. We promote the use of these plants for LIVE moss projects and sustainable landscapes. Some mosses will come with soil attached while others, particularly prostrate-growing types and mounds, may have very little soil attached to their tiny rhizoids.

Shipping Considerations

Mosses are shipped via Priority Mail through the US Postal Service. Most deliveries occur within 2-3 days. Mountain Moss will assume the costs of insuring your order. Please notify us if you encounter any issues or your delivery is lost.

You should expect your moss delivery within a week. We use somewhat unconventional packaging. For multiple trays in the same order, we may not include all trays but instead layer mosses on top of each other. 

Moss Trays

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Leucobryum Tray -- Shade or Sun --           Lawns, Focal Features, Paths, Rock Gardens

Leucobryum Tray -- Shade or Sun -- Lawns, Focal Features, Paths, Rock Gardens


Called Pincushion Moss, Leucobryum glaucum and Leucobryum albidum mounds are deep to light green depending upon its moisture content. It grows on a variety of substrates including rich, acidic soils to barren, sandy locations. It gets tiny golden brown sporophytes during all seasons. Also, it sometimes is covered with fragmented white leaf tips ...

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