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Mountain Moss Enterprises is committed to educational outreach and offers a number of Go Green With Moss programs including lectures, workshops, classes and nature hikes. Mossin' Annie is a lively and informative keynote speaker for gardening conferences. 

These informative programs include PowerPoint presentations with impressive photographs, "hands-on" bryophyte specimens to take a "closer look" and moss art exhibits. The educational presentations can be combined with a workshop where each person makes their own moss dish garden or "moss-as-art" creation to take home. "Mossin' in the Woods" hikes provide an opportunity for native plant enthusiasts to identify common bryophytes often overlooked in our forests.

With zeal and enthusiasm, Mossin' Annie shares her love and knowledge of mosses with all ages.  She has presented programs at the prestigious Philadelphia Flower Show, North Carolina Arboretum, Cullowhee Native Plant Conference, and the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Garden clubs and environmental groups throughout the US have responded with positive reactions and encouragement for Mossin' Annie's advocacy efforts. Participants will leave with a "mossy" smile and will view bryophytes with a newfound appreciation.

"You were just a wonderful breath of informative fresh air Thursday morning,
and we all enjoyed immensely the opportunity to bask in your glory!
I am sure a good time was had by all!"
~ VB, Catawba County Master Gardeners, Hickory, NC

"You are a treasure!  We all so enjoyed having you and your program was fantastic!  I have had so many positive comments already! And, of course,
the workshop was a highlight, too."
~Peachtree Garden Club, Atlanta, GA

"Annie, thanks so much for an inspiring, informative talk last night at the
Landrum Library. You definitely wowed the audience and drew quite a crowd."
(89 people on a Thursday night! Standing room only)
Sponsored by Conserving Carolina -- land conservancy organization.
LL, Landrum, SC

Make your own dish garden or create your own moss-as-art!

Bryophytes, ferns, rocks, lichens and appropriate containers provided to all pre-registered participants.

Kids' Workshops

Teaching children about mosses is FUN!  These workshops meet educational goals of botanical gardens, arts councils, after-school programs and more.

In-service teacher training workshops

Specialized workshops geared to the interests of biology and science teachers.


Mossin' Annie's Moss Garden

Combine your educational workshop with a site visit to see first-hand the creative use of mosses in a sustainable landscape.

Mossin' in the Woods

Trips to see moss in an entirely natural environment provides moss lovers with the opportunity to learn to identify bryophytes.

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Contact Mossin' Annie for more information about requested honorarium and associated fees for Go Green With Moss programs. It is recommended that you schedule your event well in advance. However, consider Mountain Moss as a solution for last-minute program cancellation dilemma. We might have an opening in our schedule. A Mountain Moss program will be an event to remember.SaveSave