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Mosses make a fantastic choice with other miniature plants. If you are a Vivarium enthusiast, realize that frogs and salamanders like all mosses. In the world of bryophytes, there are many species considered appropriate for critter habitats. Usually shade mosses work best in the self-contained environment of a terrarium or vivarium. Mountain Moss offers terrestrial moss species not aquatic ones. The only species that Mountain Moss carries that could be used in aquariums is Sphagnum palustre. Best choices for terrariums — Atrichum undulatum, Bartramia pomiformis, Climacium americanum, Hypnum curvifolium, Hypnum imponens, Plagiomnium ciliare, Thuidium delicatulum. Note: We’ve streamlined decision making by offering a DIY Terrarium Kit. You supply your own container, we provide appropriate mosses. Another option for terrarium lovers is to purchase our Terrarium Sampler which features a selection of appropriate mosses without all the supplies provided in our DIY kit.

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