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Welcome to our Moss Shop!

Here you will find our exclusive selection of LIVE mosses that we have available for sale. Since certain moss species grow better in different sun exposures, we have categorized our moss trays by sun, shade, or versatile. The third category, versatile, indicates moss species that do well in shade and/or partial sun so there is some overlap in terms of shade vs sun growers.

We want to ensure your happiness with our quality products. To keep your mosses looking their best, we recommend watering for 3 times a day for brief sessions of 1-5 minutes each. Mosses can be introduced to your landscape by planting colonies (i.e., groups of moss plants) in full. Other planting methods include using small plugs of colonies or fragments of moss plants. Colonies can be separated into fragments (pulling colonies apart by hand, shredding into small pieces, or cutting with scissors).  When spreading moss fragments in the desired area, keep in mind -- the thicker the coverage, the faster the growth. After planting colonies or spreading moss fragments, water thoroughly and walk on your new moss areas. If you are still unsure about your moss selection, or how to effectively introduce your mosses, more information is detailed in Annie’s book, The Magical World of Moss Gardening.

Our Mossery, where we cultivate moss species for sale, is located at 100 Elks Club Road in Brevard, North Carolina. Because we operate a production nursery, Mossery visitation is geared for serious DIY moss shoppers. Please contact Mossin' Annie ins advance to schedule a convenient appointment time.  Availability of specific moss species may vary. Additionally, we may have limited supplies of certain mosses that are not formally listed in our online Moss Shop. For product inquiries or to schedule a special appointment to go moss shopping for your DIY project, please go to our contact page.

Moss Shop Shipping

At Mountain Moss, we take pride in the quality of our LIVE mosses. We maintain standards of excellence for all of our products and strive to provide exceptional customer service. Often Mossin' Annie personally selects each moss colony placed in the Deluxe SHADE, Deluxe SUN and custom order trays. We label each species so customers can learn how to identify favorite mosses. Orders are processed efficiently (that is, unless inclement weather throws us off schedule).

You should expect your moss delivery within a week. We use somewhat unconventional packaging. For multiple trays in the same order, we may not include trays but instead layer mosses on top of each other. Mossin’ Annie has been recycling for decades going back to organizing the first campus Earth Day celebration in college (UNC-Charlotte) and as one of the founders of institutional recycling during her working days at Emory University. It stands to reason that Mountain Moss recycles used boxes for shipping our larger orders. So, don't be surprised if your moss order arrives in a ceiling fan or dog food box.

Most often we ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail with 2-3 day delivery shipping after your order is processed and packaged. Mountain Moss insures all orders. We do not ship internationally.

For moss mats and living wall panels, we normally ship via UPS because of weight. Mats can weigh up to 150 lbs. Since we use those black contractor trash bags to prevent leaking, the moss "rollers" as Mossin' Annie calls them, look like body bags. Mats will be covered with a protective sheet (literally an old sheet from a thrift store) and rolled up like a carpet. Shrink wrap holds it together. And then roller is placed in the black "moss body" bag. Sometimes multiple rollers will be in the same box.

Our labeling is not a traditional plant tag. Instead we use small ID flags made with paper clips. We use recycled bubble wrap and plastic wrap (new) in packaging trays to keep mosses from shifting around during shipping and to retain their moist state. Then to prevent leaking, moss trays are put into heavy-duty contractor trash bags. We have never had any reports of our mosses drying out or getting mold from too much moisture. Thankfully, we've resolved issues of water leaking from boxes. We've learned the hard way to package thoroughly to avoid any puddles along the way.

Mountain Moss Enterprises is certified by the State of North Carolina Department of Agriculture to distribute live moss plants through our nursery operations (NCDA Certification #6440). We possess a Collected Plant License for legitimate harvesting of native mosses (NCDA License #5291). Our NCDA inspector pays attention to specific concerns and regulations pertinent to other states. All shipments include phytosanitary documentation of inspection. Since we promote the value of eco-friendly mosses in sustainable landscapes, we discourage the purchase of our LIVE mosses for any floral or craft purposes. Frankly, after rescuing and nurturing mosses, we really don't want them to end up dried or dyed green.