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Annie's List

Annie’s List

Friends that Mossin’ Annie recommends and endorses for quality products and services. We hope you will support these talented small biz entrepreneurs.

Special thanks

Flint Barrow, my son and web specialist, QUTEE, www.qutee.com

Lorraine Anderson, editor, Sisters of the Earth: Women's Prose Poetry About Nature

Kevin McRae, K2 Irrigation, Asheville, NC www.k2irrigation.com/


Native plant nurseries, landscape services, specialty plant products

Adam Bigelow, Bigelow’s Botanical Excursions www.facebook.com/BigelowsBotanicalExcursions/

Barry Glick, Sunshine Farm and Gardens, Renick, WV www.sunfarm.com/

Devin Biggs, Moss for Aquariums, AquaVerdi https://aquaverdi.com/

Devin Biggs, Specialty Terrariums, Moonwort Studio http://www.moonwortstudio.com/

Hope & Jano Janowitz, New Leaf Garden Market, Pisgah Forest, NC newleafgardenmarket.com/   

Jake Zimmerman, Treez, Brevard, NC treezlandscapes.com/

John Wayne Hardison, High Country Trees, Brevard, NC http://hctreeservice.com/ 

Kathy Zimmerman, Wildwood Mtn Design, Brevard, NC www.wildwoodmountaindesign.com/

Pam & Rich Fry, Fry Nursery, Pisgah Forest, NC frynursery.com/  

Scott Dean, Nature Hikes, WNC Naturally www.facebook.com/WesternNorthCarolinaNaturally/

Terri Long, Landscape designer, Asheville, NC http://www.terrilonglandscape.com/

Terry Furuta, Furuta Designs, Orchids/Terrariums, Atlanta, GA www.terryfurutadesigns.com/

Van Burnette, Hop’n Blueberry Farm & Monarchs, Black Mtn, NC hopnblueberryfarm.com/

Greg Held, Info about GMOs http://gmoasheville.com/




Paul Moore, J Paul Moore Photography, Nashville, TN www.jpaulmoorephoto.com/

Mardy & Bill Murphy, Asheville, NC www.mardymurphy.com

Dave Allen, Hendersonville, NC www.daveallenphotography.com/

Jeff Miller, Hendersonville, NC www.mountainlens.com

Joseph Cooper, New York  http://josephcooper.net/

Mark Schueler, Durham, NC markschuelerphoto.com/

Rob Amberg, Marshall, NC robamberg.com/

Rob Travis, Cedar Mountain, NC robtravis.com

Steven McBride, Asheville, NC www.stevenmcbride.com

Tim Barnwell, Barnwell Photo, Asheville, NC www.barnwellphoto.com/

Tony Giammarino, Richmond, VA www.tonygiammarino.com/


Arts, Crafts, Misc

Nick Friedman & Jen Kelly, Duckpond Pottery http://www.duckpondpottery.com/

Kathy Hardy, Jewelry & Photography, Dornick Designs http://www.myhandmadelife.com

Mark Carter, Artist www.markcartersart.com/

Mark Connelly, Sculptor macworks-art.com/

Nick Friedman & Jen Kelly, Duckpond Pottery http://www.duckpondpottery.com/

Paula Patane & Mike Green, Jewelry, Purple Bus Studio www.purplebusstudio.com/

Theresa Reuter, Painter & Jewelry Maker www.theresareuter.com/

Paula Patane & Mike Green, Jewelry, Purple Bus Studio www.purplebusstudio.com/

George Peterson, Wood Artist www.circlefactory.com/

Mark Henry & Steven Dugard, Ash Grove Campground/Cabins, www.ash-grove.com

Tika Vales, Enviromental BioBoosting, www.livingdesignconsultants.com



Musician Friends

Hogtown Squealers www.blueridgeheritage.com/traditional-artist-directory/hogtown-squealers

Jeff Sipe jeffsipemusic.com  

Jerry Read Smith www.songofthewood.com/

Mike Sweet https://www.facebook.com/groups/MikeSweetRocks/

Moon Shine Babies http://www.moonshinebabies.com/

Nikki Talley & Jason Sharp www.nikkitalley.com/

Pretty Little Goat www.prettylittlegoat.com/

Shannon Whitworth shannonwhitworth.net

Steep Canyon Rangers http://www.steepcanyon.com/


Fav Causes

Dogwood Alliance www.dogwoodalliance.org/

Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP) http://asapconnections.org/

Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy www.carolinamountain.org/


Social Media Consultants

Flint Barrow, CTO, Qutee.com https://www.qutee.com/

Aisha Adams, Aisha Adams Media, aishaadamsmedia.com

Deborah Hart, Social Media & PermaPaleo www.facebook.com/permapaleo