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Project Portfolio

Creating magic with mosses for others is a blend of artistic intuition, design principles, knowledge of growth habits of mosses and our specialized expertise in moss gardening. We invite you into our gallery to view highlights of Mountain Moss' projects.

Zen Moss Retreat

Zen Moss Garden

Moss and Stone Path -- Before and After

Labyrinth Project

Door Entrance Enhancement

Moss and Stone Patio

Moss Tree Skirt

Hillside Erosion Project

Waterfall Project

Moss Container Project

Mountain Moss Container Project Atlanta

Patio Surround

Mountain Moss Project -- Patio Surround

Elementary School

Erosion Control -- Functional Moss Solution

Rock Garden

Golf Club

University Project

Learning Moss Garden

Pondside Patio Project

Master Gardeners Project

Outdoor Living Project

Residential Moss Lawn

Moss andStone Woodland Path

Stream Restoration Project

Corporate Atrium -- Hardscape/Wall Moss Enhancement

Backyard Garden Moss and Stone Path

Driveway Enhancement with MOSS

Dwarf Conifer View Garden

Cabin Retreat

Rock Garden Feature

Take a glimpse at the various ways in which mosses can enhance landscapes. Mountain Moss Enterprises' projects emphasize the dramatic impact of mosses and their ethereal quality that connects our spirits to the land. By following right plant, right place guidelines, combined with recommended watering regime, appropriate mosses can thrive in all types of microclimates. Imagine yourself in your own moss retreat.