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Favorite Links

Thank goodness for the Internet and the diligence of moss lovers and academicians to share information about bryophytes with us. Bridging the gap of pertinent information is being addressed by folks from around the world. Here are links to my favorite sites. We welcome your suggestions.


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Links to Bryophytes – Academic Sites

Bryophyte Ecology – eBook by Dr. Janice Glime from Michigan Technical University (recent IAB president, author, and professor) – Dynamic and comprehensive scientific view of bryophytes.

Bryophyte Herbarium at Duke University, Durham, NC – Bryophytes of the Southeast

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Freckmann Herbarium – Bryophytes of Wisconsin

University of Southern Illinois-Carbondale – Bryophytes of Illinois

Missouri Botanical Garden Herbarium -- Extensive bryophyte research references.

Australian Natural Botanic Garden – Good info on botanical characteristics of bryophytes.

The Goffinet Lab -- Classification of the Bryophyta by Bernard Goffinet, William Buck and Jonathon Shaw.

Links to Moss Friends around the World

Annette Launer's moss site in Germany – Photographs of mosses and more.

Michael Lueth – Site of renowned German byrophyte photographer who travels internationally with the world's best bryologists.

Andrew's Moss Site – Andrew Spink's Moss site in The Netherlands – Photographs of mosses and a key to identifying the mosses and liverworts of northwest Europe.

Hidden Forest – Clive Shirley's moss site in New Zealand

World of Mosses -- Site for Robert Muma's sketches of mosses

Links to Bryophyte Blogs

Moss Plants and More, Jessica Budke's Blog – Professor, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

International Association of Bryologists Blog

Moss Notes, Sue Wilson, Massachusetts

Ann Gordon's Blog -- North Carolina

Links to Moss Videos including Gardens  

Saiho-ji Zen Garden – One of the earliest Zen gardens, known as Kokedera (Moss Temple). Boasting over 120 varieties of moss. Kyoto, Japan.

Edenwoods, Richmond, Virginia -- Private garden -- Norie Burnet's magnificent 4-acre woodland shade garden that features mosses, of course. 


Moss: A Tribute by HistorianHimself

Brian Engh's video production featuring bryophytes from the beginning of time. My FAV video!


mosses & liverworts by pflanzenliebe

Slide show of Annette Launer's incredible bryophyte photos


Bryophyta Rap by vicsters

Catch moss fever with this contemporary musical invitation


Moss Reproduction  by kosasihiskandarsjah

Basic bryophyte life cycle


Mosses-Bryophytes Life Cycle by Nook Nattapon

Bryophyte life cycle

Exploding Sphagnum Moss Spores 

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