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The above map is the physical location of our Mossery (moss nursery) at 100 Elks Club Rd, Brevard, NC 28712.   Please fill out contact form or call 828-577-1321 to schedule an appointment to come moss shopping.

If you have a public question please Ask Mossin' Annie here.

Look Before You Ask!  

Our Web site provides extensive content information about a variety of moss gardening topics. Please peruse the site to find out many answers to customer questions.

If you still want to ask a question, we request that general questions be posted at our special "Ask Annie" site on Qutee. This new option enables the public to access and sort through Q &A by popular topics. You can even start your own Qutee discussion about specific aspects of moss gardening.

While Mossin’ Annie loves to gab about mosses, her schedule is chock full of many mossin’ duties and responsibilities. Due to the volume of inquiries from inquisitive moss lovers, long phone conversations or responding to emails that require many answers to a single question is no longer feasible. So, please use Qutee. Of course, if you want to sing our praises or provide feedback on the quality of our products and services, a shout-out on Qutee is welcome via the Kudos link.

Due to the volume of inquiries, please only contact Mossin' Annie if you’re seriously interested in:

  • purchasing 5 or more trays
  • custom orders
  • moss mats or living wall panels
  • arranging for consultation services or the installation of innovative moss landscapes
  • scheduling an event
  • organizing a moss rescue

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Mountain Moss Enterprises

40 Holly Ridge Road

Pisgah Forest, NC, USA 28768


MOSSERY ADDRESS: 100 Elks Club Road, Brevard, NC 28712

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