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Landscape Professionals

Are you a professional that needs lots of moss?  Mountain Moss has got you covered. 


Landscape Design Architects--Professional Landscapers--Green Roofers--Waterfall Designers--Leaders in Green Trends

Mountain Moss is your go-to choice for purchasing live mosses for a variety of landscape applications including lawns, green roofs and waterfalls.

Our unique moss species offer a range of solutions for shade locations and sun exposures. Adding mosses to your plant inventory for outdoor or indoor landscape projects will open new doors with existing customers as well as attract new clients. Since mosses grow in the winter, this traditional “down-time” in the landscape industry can now become a productive and profitable season.


Moss Mats

Using Mountain Moss's products, you can efficiently and quickly transform any space into a moss haven. Roll out the green carpet with our pre-vegetated moss mats. Standard size: 36 sq ft; 6' x 6'. Additionally, we offer the option of custom orders with specific species, intriguing free-flowing or geometric designs and different shapes like circles, squares and swooshes.

We urge you to place orders well in advance of your target installation date to guarantee availability. We request at least 6 months lead time in the production of specialty items. Mats prices begin at $500. If you want to green urban spaces -- roofs, balconies or indoor spaces, Mountain Moss is now offering living moss panels which are so lightweight that a 100 lb weakling could easily hang a panel alone. Or the 3' x 6' panels can be used in an interlocking fashion to create a green roof.

Using different species, you could create a checkerboard green roof. No structural or engineering modifications required. For that matter, no soil depth is needed at all if you feature mosses on green roofs. Panel prices start at $500. Moss is a no-brainer choice for waterfalls and water features. Have you ever seen a waterfall that didn't have an enticing green patina and elegant mosses enhancing the overall ambiance of the setting? We have an extensive selection of species available in our moss tray inventory to decorate water surrounds, rock walls, patios and garden areas. Each tray provides approximately 1.25 sq ft of moss. Shade moss tray prices start at $15 each. Sun moss trays begin at $30 each.


Getting Started

Visit our Moss Shop to place small orders.

If you wish to purchase larger quantities (5 or more trays), moss mats, living wall panels or custom projects, please consult with Mossin' Annie for pricing and shipping costs. Contact: Mossin' Annie

Important Information

Deposits are required for large orders. Payment is accepted via wire transfer, check or through PayPal. Mountain Moss does not offer deferred billing. Payment is expected when orders are placed. Mountain Moss can provide valuable guidance for incorporating mosses into landscape designs and “green” trends. Working in concert with your team, we can enhance your project with innovative moss ideas and practical solutions. Our goal is to fill a “niche” and complement existing project concepts.  Don't wait until the last minute to buy your moss inventory. Knowing the correct species and accurate pricing in advance can help you avoid expensive change orders to major projects. We urge you to engage our consultation services in the planning, design and implementation stages.

Mountain Moss guarantees the quality of our live moss specimens upon arrival. We do not ship our products dry.  We ship mosses moist and fresh, sometimes with soil attached. When possible, mosses in sporophytic stage are included. Exceptional moss specimens as well as specialty liverworts and lichens may be available upon request. Contact Mossin' Annie for more info.