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Plant Rescues

Mountain Moss Enterprises actively engages in rescuing mosses and other native plants from high impact areas.

Visit our contact page if you would like to schedule rescues or donations.

We encourage property owners and land developers to contact us prior to any grading, tree cutting or road building. With a respect for our public forests and parks, Mountain Moss finds many legitimate locations where mosses are in peril of destruction. We coordinate projects for communities where volunteers retrieve bryophytes and then create moss focal features together. Mountain Moss can assist green communities in collecting mosses, staging them, and then reintroducing them back into the landscape for native restoration projects.


Often overlooked by native plant rescue groups, mosses can be found nurturing the wildflowers being collected. We hope that by educating the public about the value of mosses, they will become a desirable plant worthy of attention. Look for opportunities in your own community to save not just rare plants but the common mosses, too.  


Mountain Moss is fully insured and certified to legitimately collect native plants (NCDA License #5291) and to distribute mosses through our moss nursery which we call our Mossery (NCDA Certification #6440).