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Mountain Moss Enterprises and Mossin’ Annie

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Pisgah Forest, NC, Mountain Moss Enterprises, Inc. provides innovative landscaping alternatives featuring environmentally-friendly mosses. Our sustainable moss-scapes offer beauty balanced with function. Through our rescue efforts, cultivation research at our Mossery, online Moss Shop sales, creative garden designs and educational outreach, we advocate the joys of moss gardening. Ethical principles and quality standards are maintained throughout all aspects of our operations, services and products. We are committed to increasing an awareness of the advantages of moss as a preferred horticultural choice.Mountain Moss Enterprises, Inc. MOSSERY Brevard NC


  • To design and create public and private gardens featuring mosses for their beauty, environmental solutions and vehicle for our spiritual connection to nature.
  • To maintain superior standards of quality in all our business operations.
  • To advocate responsible land stewardship principles emphasizing the value of natural resources.
  • To promote the advantages of mosses through educational outreach, media exposure and social media connections.

    Mountain Moss Enterprises is breaking new ground as a leader in the moss industry by conducting research on effective methodologies for propagating specific moss species — for instance, those that tolerate sun and grow faster. Mountain Moss has initiated the study of optimum growth methodologies, beneficial watering regimes and preferred production substrates. As a recipient of a Western North Carolina Agricultural Options grant in 2010 (NC Tobacco Trust Fund), Mountain Moss examined various growth habits of selected bryophytes. We continue to research aspects of specific mosses.

    We adhere to all USDA and US Forest Service regulations regarding the acquisition and distribution of moss plants. Mountain Moss Enterprises is certified by the State of North Carolina to sell live moss plants through its nursery operations (NCDA License/Certification #6440). In addition, Mountain Moss Enterprises possesses a Collected Plant License for legitimate harvesting of native mosses from approved locations. (NCDA License/Certification #5291).  Annie Martin possess an NC Landscape Contractors License. (#1239).  Mountain Moss is bonded and fully insured.

    What an honor to be featured in Mother Earth News magazine's October 2022 issue.  I remember when this magazine was born and first published in nearby Hendersonville, NC. It’s a dream come true for me. Special THANKS to Tom Oder for his excellent wordsmith skills. My life as a mosser continues to be really good. – Mossin’ Annie

    Mossin’ Annie: How Does Moss Grow? Rescuing one of the plant world’s most obscure groups drives the spirit of a Southern Appalachian folk hero.


    Mossin’ Annie — Destined to be a Mosser!

    Annie Martin is the owner and recognized moss expert. Known to most folks as Mossin’ Annie, she has been fascinated with moss since childhood and now realizes that she was born to me a moss artist. Her obsession with mosses expanded into new horizons in 2008 when Annie Martin started her own mossin’ business – Mountain Moss Enterprises, Inc. Her moss passion has now become her profession. She is personally committed to rescuing mosses from destruction, creating moss gardens, conducting research on moss cultivation, and encouraging others to embrace the joys of mosses! With an intuitive blend of artistic approaches and effective horticultural methods…

    Mossin’ Annie makes magic with mosses! 

    Wearing many hats — moss farmer, rescuer, landscape designer, consultant, educator and author — Mossin’ Annie is recognized as a national expert and innovative moss landscape artist. Her knowledge is based upon years of cultivation research and practical moss gardening experience gained from residential, commercial and community garden installations. Projects have included moss features, lawns, green roofs and living moss walls. 

    From a professional standpoint, Annie is a licensed NC Landscape Contractor (#1239). She possesses a permit to ethically harvest plants in North Carolina (#5291). Additionally, her Mossery is certified as a nursery by the NCDA to ship mosses throughout the US (#6440).

    A native of Asheville, North Carolina, Annie Martin has enjoyed an interesting career in media production, photography, graphic design and print publication. Her media career path has included positions with the Blue Ridge Parkway, WLOS-TV (ABC affiliate), Emory University and Brevard College. She attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (B.A., 1976) as an undergraduate and she obtained her master’s degree in media production from Appalachian State University (M.A., 1982) in Boone, NC. Recent continuing education has been focused on attaining knowledge about bryophytes, horticultural methods and business entrepreneurship including courses, workshops and seminars.

    For many years, her avocation has been the study of bryophytes (mosses). She continues to expand her knowledge in the field of bryology with her practical moss gardening experience, field observations, systematic study of mosses and connections throughout the gardening world.  Annie is a member of the American Bryological and Lichenological Society, International Association of Bryologists, NC Native Plant Society and other professional/community organizations.


    Mountain Moss Enterprises is actively involved in community activities and promoting green approaches to life.  Mossin’ Annie supports her community by providing moss-as-art creations for fundraising efforts of regional organizations including the Transylvania Community Arts Council, Brevard Music Center, Transylvania Volunteers in Medicine, American Red Cross, Community Foundation of Western North Carolina and Conserving Carolina.

    We practice the concept… Pay it forward.

    Mountain Moss sells live mosses through our online Moss Shop and by special appointment at our Mossery in Brevard, NC. 

    Mountain Moss offers a full range of professional landscape services including site consultations and turn-key installations.



    Mossin' Annie loves spreading the moss word. Book your moss gardening lecture and/or hands-on workshop NOW by contacting her: 







    A Few of Mossin' Annie’s Accomplishments

    The Magical World of Moss Gardening by Annie Martin
    Dreams do come true. Mossin’ Annie’s book released in August 2015. Martin’s inspiring guide covers the essentials for creating an extraordinary moss garden. With profiles of the best mosses for your garden and tips on planting and care, creating a woodland oasis has never been easier or more tempting. Loaded with impressive photographs and easy-to-understand guidelines, this book will be a welcome addition to your garden library. To our loyal friends and supporters, if you buy this book from our online Moss Shop, you can get an autographed copy and help us recoup costs of being a hermit while writing.  Buy my book now! Japanese Translation




    UPDATE: December 2017 -- My book has been translated into Japanese!  




















    In March 2016, Mossin’ Annie was invited to be a speaker at the prestigious Philadelphia Flower Show. A standing-room-only crowd gathered in the Gardener’s Studio for Martin’s lecture focusing on the moss-some options that mosses offer in landscapes.


    Mossin' Annie's YouTube Channel 













     New MOSSolutions Video -- Repairing Critter Damage

    Mossin’ Annie’s YouTube Channel — Launches November 2014
    Born a mosser with the gift to gab, YouTube is one of the ways that Mossin’ Annie shares her expertise. Bugged by all the misinformation on the Internet about mosses, it was inevitable that she step in front of the camera and TALK MOSS. Entertaining and informative, we hope our moss videos will help us reach a larger audience of moss lovers around the world. More new MOSSolutions videos and online training courses coming soon. Mossin' Annie on YouTube.




    Highlands Biological Station Learning Moss Garden
    Leila Barnes Cheatham Learning Moss Garden, Highlands, NC, January 2012
    This learning moss garden is located at the Highlands Biological Station in Highlands, NC. Interpretive signage and ID labels with scientific names afford visitors an opportunity to learn about bryophytes. Hands-on workshops offer opportunities to learn about moss gardening. Check Highlands Biological Station for schedule. 

    NC Arboretum Green Roof, Asheville, NC July 2011
    As this demonstration moss green roof exemplifies, mosses can be featured even in direct sun. Benefiting from recycled rain water, this moss roof has lived through weather extremes – high winds, intense sun, heavy thunderstorms and snowfall. Occasional weeding has been the main task.

    Best of Show, NC Mountain State Fair
    Master Gardener Flower/Plant Competition, Asheville, NC, Sept 2008