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Creative Moss Installations are unique to Mountain Moss.

Moss services as artist Mossin' Annie envisions innovative ways to achieve native restoration or feature mosses in traditional contemporary garden she elevates the design and installation process from basic landscaper task into another realm art landscape land becomes her canvas serve medium enhance your outdoor living experience if you ready embrace viable horticultural choice why don't consider engaging transform serene green retreat



Imagine the immense gratification of having an impressive moss garden in the wink of an eye. If you don't want to wait months or years for mosses to grow in, Mountain Moss can create moss magic in a matter of days. By using our successful method of contingent planting (and our pre-vegetated moss mats), Mountain Moss's experienced crew can roll out the green carpet for instantaneous results. With an array of successful projects under our belts, Mountain Moss provides exceptionally beautiful turn-key installations for residential and commercial clients as well as universities and public gardens. Using mosses from our Mossery, we can resolve environmental issues of erosion control, storm water run-off, and reduction of groundwater contamination while achieving the magical appeal of year-round green grandeur.

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