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Ceratodon purpureus Tray -- Sun -- Rock walls, patios, moss features... and Bonsai! NEW INVENTORY

Product Description

Ceratodon purpureus – This tiny moss has brilliant, deep green color with magnificent red sporophytes. It grows upright in dense mound colonies that feel like velvet to the touch. Be forewarned, Ceratodon may go through a dormant or adjustment phase when it turns brown for a while. It can appear dead but patient waiting reveals that it will rejuvenate green again. This bryophyte prefers sun locations with alternate periods of moisture and dryness. Good choice for green roofs or patios. Note: Since mosses are social and different moss species may be living together in the same colonies, you may find Bryum argenteum and/or Entodon seductrix intermingled with the Ceratodon. 

IMPORTANT – READ before placing your order. Due to agricultural restrictions, Mountain Moss does not ship this moss product to the following states: Arkansas, California, Louisiana and Mississippi.

All live mosses, lichens and native plants have either been rescued from high-impact locations or cultivated in our Mossery. We promote the use of these plants for LIVE moss projects and sustainable landscapes. Some mosses will come with soil attached while others, particularly prostrate-growing types, may have very little soil attached to their tiny rhizoids.

Mosses are shipped via Priority Mail through the US Postal Service. Most deliveries occur within 1 week. Mountain Moss will assume the costs of insuring your order. Please notify us if you encounter any issues or your delivery is lost.

Each moss tray order is approximately 10" x 20” in size providing at least 1.25 sq. ft. of product. Substrate fabric is included providing easy installation for gardeners and landscapers, if desired. Hard plastic tray may not be included in the shipment, unless specifically requested by the customer.

IMPORTANT – READ before placing your order. Due to agricultural restrictions, Mountain Moss does not ship this moss product to the following states: California, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas.

Make sure to check moisture levels when your moss tray arrives. Fluff mosses with your hands. Rehydrate as needed and keep moist, but not soggy, until planted. If possible, stage your mosses outdoors, rather than inside locations. Air conditioning or heat will dry out mosses quickly, and therefore, require more attention to keep them fresh.

Since florists and crafters treat most mosses as dead elements, we discourage the purchase of our LIVE mosses for these types of floral or craft projects. We request that buyers keep our mosses alive and thriving in sustainable landscapes or containers that feature the beauty of live, green moss colonies.


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