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Pricing - Lectures/Workshops

Conference/Lecture/Workshop Rates and Requirements

Pricing Structure -- Conference/Lecture/Workshop Honorarium Fees

Pricing structure applies to all organizations including non-profits (i.e., Garden clubs, educational institutions, government agencies, etc.). However, if your organization represents an economically-deprived population, consideration will be given for reductions.

For all events, additional costs for round-trip mileage/transportation will be applied. Lodging/meals for events requiring overnight stays will be applied when appropriate.

All prices subject to change. When applicable, NC Sales Tax and/or local sales tax will be applied.

  • $150 -- Local events (within 30 miles of Brevard, NC)
    • $75 – Local events additional lecture or workshop (same day)
  • $250 – Local/Regional events (30-100 miles from Brevard, NC)
    • $100 – Local/Regional events additional lecture or workshop (same day)
    • $125 – Local/Regional events additional lecture or workshop (different room/same day or separate day)
  • $325 – Regional events (NC, SC, TN, VA, GA)/Small Conferences
    • $125 – Regional events additional lecture or workshop (same day)
    • $150 – Regional events additional lecture or workshop (different room/same day or separate day)
  • $500 - $1000 – Regional Large Conferences/National events/Keynote 
    • $150 – Southeast regional events additional lecture or workshop (same room/same day)
    • $175 – Southeast regional events additional lecture or workshop (different room or separate day)
  • $750 - $2000 – National events/Large Conferences/Keynote Address
    • $250 – National events/Large Conferences additional lecture or workshop (same room/same day)
    • $300 – National events/Large Conferences additional lecture or workshop (different room or separate day)


    Travel Arrangements


    • Coach-class plane fare with consideration for lowest cost/appropriate schedule.
    • Preference for non-stop flights when available and reasonably-priced.
    • Flights should not return back to Asheville, NC later than 11pm EST.
    • Airport transportation – long-term parking fee; shuttle service (maximum $50).
    • Round-trip mileage @ GSA rates to and from airport of origination.
    • Vehicle rental - Any vehicle rental costs incurred for transportation during visit.


    • Mileage reimbursement at GSA rate per mile plus any toll charges

    Taxi, Uber or Shuttle

    • Actual cost plus gratuity

    Meals during trip to/from/during event travel timeframe

    • GSA per diem rate or actual cost of meals plus gratuity

    Business Hotel

    • Actual costs (Sorry -- no private homes or B&B's)
    • Smoking room preferred; balcony acceptable.
    • Any additional charges for WI-FI connection will be reimbursable (if not provided in room cost)
    • Cable TV
    • Any assessed parking fees at hotel


    • Actual costs

    Venue Requirements

    To ensure the success and enjoyment of the audience/participants, it is requested that the following requirements be met regarding venue and equipment.

    Summary Needs: In addition to display tables, video projector or TV is expected to be set up in advance and ready at time of arrival. On-site AV specialist preferred to help troubleshoot. PowerPoint program will be provided on a thumb drive formatted on a PC at the time of the event or via DropBox in advance; PowerPoint program will need to be installed as well as special fonts – Lydian and Script MT Bold. If needed, Mountain Moss can provide PC laptop; video projector and/or connecting cables.

    Please provide the following:

    • Access to building/loading dock at least one hour before audience/participants start arriving for offload/upload. Room ready for display exhibits with tables placed near front of room and video projector already set-up. Book table can be placed near front; just inside room entrance/exit or lobby.
    • Lectures: Two 6-ft tables for lecture display. One 4-6 ft table for book sales.
    • Workshops: 2-3 tables for workshop supplies. Tables for participants to stand (6-8 per table). If seating desired, plan for 6 people (2 on each side and 1 at each end)
    • Designated contact/helper(s) for building access; offload; display exhibit set-up/breakdown; and upload. Contact name(s) and cell phone number(s) provided in advance.
    • Designated assistant(s) for book sales before and after lecture/workshop. Ability to take cash/make change and/or process credit cards. Cash box provided by Mountain Moss. Phone/credit card reader provided by Mountain Moss. Personal checks accepted made payable to Mountain Moss. All transactions subject to local sales tax rate. Brief training session required for book assistants before event.
    • Digital video projector with a resolution of 1024 x 768 (spare projector bulb suggested).
    • Projection screen at least 6' x 6' absolute minimum for small room, 10' x 10' minimum for large room, preferably larger.
    • Option: Digital TV with HDMI connection port (At least 32” for small group of 10-30 people; at least 50” for 30-50 people). Mountain Moss can provide connector cable or casting device.
    • PC Laptop computer with a resolution set to 1024 x 768 synchronized with the projector. Option: Mountain Moss can provide laptop -- preferred)
    • Extension cord 25-50 ft (grounded) and multi-outlet plug.
    • Wireless remote for video projector advance with LED pointer (spare batteries suggested)
    • Wireless lapel microphone preferred or hand-held microphone suggested but not required since speaker can project voice effectively in most rooms (spare microphone batteries suggested).
    • Window shades/curtains to allow for fully darkened room for PowerPoint presentation. Effective visual presentation will be compromised if room is too light.
    • Broom/vacuum available for clean-up.
    • No food restrictions for any dinners/receptions. Dr. Pepper is preferred soft drink.