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Bryophyte ID Kit

Product Description

Take a closer look at the world's oldest land plants with Mountain Moss' Bryophyte ID kit.

If you are a budding scientist, avid botanist or just curious moss lover, this is your opportunity to examine a variety of moss and liverwort species. Whether you want to marvel at the translucent beauty of a tiny leaf or check out the minute peristome teeth encircling a spore capsule, this is a learning opportunity for all ages.

Kit contains your own 10X close-up loupe (hand-held lens) for viewing from this intimate perspective. Live bryophyte collection comprised of acrocarpus (upright growers) and pleurocarpus species (sideways growers): Ceratodon purpureus, Climacium americanum, Dicranum scoparium, Hedwigia ciliata, Leucobryum glaucum, Sphagnum palustre, Thuidium delicatulum. Species may vary upon availability. Tweezers and informational handout included in this educational kit. If you want to dry out an individual plant specimen, you can begin your own herbarium collection just like a scientist. Pre-labeled sheets enable you to create specimen packets. Specimen container shapes may not be the same as shown.  If you want to continue to enjoy your live bryophyte samples, a mister spray bottle filled with mountain water is provided to keep your moss species alive and happy.

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