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Mountain Moss — sporophyte


Dear Moss Diary 0

Dear Moss Diary, It seems like a good idea to record some of my moss experiences that lift my spirit each day. A written document might jog my mind to remember even some of the smaller moss moments that have delighted me. The catch – In the past, I have never been disciplined enough to keep a diary or journal beyond a few days. Even this week, when I purposefully wanted to write about some incredible moss days, I was just too tired to write my thoughts after working 12-hour days. So, I'll just try to jot down experiences without regard to actual day or proper sequential order. Most every day begins with computer activities that support my networking with other moss lovers from around the world. Sometimes we communicate via email or have a live chat with each other. This week, I exchanged emails with friends as far away as Washington state and Germany. We shared our thoughts in an effort to coordinate and replicate future research on moss cultivation. Also, I participate in several garden forums on the Internet and Facebook groups, like my own Go Green With Moss FB group. I was honored this week when I was contacted by David Beaulieu who writes landscaping articles at, an Internet biz of The New York Times company. We now have reciprocal links at each other's sites. Also, I linked my Web site to one of my favorite local nurseries, Fry Nursery in Pisgah Forest, NC. On to REAL moss fun... FIRST, I check out mosses in my own garden. Usually in the morning, mosses are happy campers because of cool evening temperatures and the accumulated moisture from the night's dew. Although it is unnecessary to water in the morning since moss plants have no roots that need to be soaked in anticipation of hot temps later in the day, I still water sometimes. Why? If I have just created moss-as-art in the past few days, I make sure that each piece is thoroughly soaked because they seem to dry out faster. Another reason that might prompt watering in the morning could be that it is going to be an exceptionally hot, dry day. Finally, if my schedule is so busy that I won't be back home until night, I water. At any rate, mosses like to have a “short drink” anytime. It doesn't take long to give these short drinks. I've developed an eye for exactly when they are wet enough. Beside, I truly enjoy the relaxing, mindless task of watering. Reality for expanding my moss cultivation at my moss nursery is that I'll need to set up a rainwater/spray/drip irrigation system with a timer and humidity sensors, thereby relinquishing this mindless pleasure of watering. Just a brief time spent in the morning in my moss garden provides a good start for the day. The gentle shafts of sunlight cast a glow on the mosses particularly highlighting sporophytes with backlight. I love to see these sporophyte surprises that add glimmers of reds, golds, and bronzes to the green moss expanses. Right now, these sporophytes are being challenged for first place beauty by my colorful azaleas which are in full bloom. It's my own special retreat where I seek my serenity. [caption id="attachment_407" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Serene, Moss Retreat"]Spring in My Moss RoomMossin' Annie's Moss Garden Benches[/caption] [caption id="attachment_409" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Moss-as-Art "]Moss-as-Art in the Spring[/caption] title="MossinAnnieMossGardenROOMSpring2010-1WEB" width="300" height="200" class="size-medium wp-image-407" />[/caption] I've created an outdoor moss room where I play musical chairs (or benches and stumps) to gain different perspectives from various angles. This additional 650 sq ft moss really helped create the ambiance I wanted to achieve. It is SO much better to look at green mosses instead of black asphalt. Just two years ago, this section was part of my driveway with mosses along the bank. The transformation is astounding and appreciated by me everyday. Someday, I'll blog about the making of that moss garden section which is thriving this Spring (originally installed Winter 2008). And, that's all I have time to write to my “Moss Diary” this morning. Time to head over to see local blacksmith to select a “snag” together for our team's landscape exhibit at the upcoming Handmade in America Expo at the NC Arboretum; plant a few new moss types at another moss retreat installed two summers ago (excited to report her moss garden is thriving!); check on recent moss patio installation; and... meet with my son's teachers. Hopefully, moss joys will keep my day bright! Mossin' Annie 04-20-10