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Connecting with other MOSS LOVERS 0

MountainMoss_Labyrinth_WEBConnecting with others and sharing moss tips is key to Mountain Moss’ outreach. We’ve jumped on the social media bandwagon and we’ve even started to produce some YouTube videos. Our Facebook group, Go Green With Moss, now has over 630 members (August 2015). Join in our mossy fun of exchanging ideas and posting interesting moss photos. Like pen pals of the past, we are forging new friendships on the Internet. I’m so happy to Paul Moss Huggerhave finally met Moss Man, J. Paul Moore from Nashville, in person in July. MountainMoss_Moss4Day17_DicranumAnnieHUG_WEB   Follow MossinAnnie on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for occasional posts and photographs. And don’t forget to like and subscribe to Mossin’ Annie’s YouTube channel. greenfbPrintpinterestinstagramAboutUsYTIMAGE         Mountain Moss has entered the YouTube world with our own Mossin’ Annie’s channel. With the help of Aisha Adams Media, we have started to produce videos to share. If you are into “unboxing” videos, then you might enjoy the unboxing of the book manuscript and another video on the “unboxing” and “unveiling” when I received my author’s advance copy of my book – Momentous, moss-some occasions in my life! Check out these videos and others that provide insights into various topics about moss gardening. Like and Subscribe to keep up with more videos as they are released.    

Mossin' Annie's New Mossery 0

MountainMoss_Mossery_0001_WEBMountain Moss has a new Mossery which is located in a shady grove of mature pine trees in Brevard, NC.           The expanse of green appeal is moss-some! mossapalooza_WEB If you live nearby, we invite you to come to MOSS-apalooza – The Grand Opening of my Mossery and Book Release Party on Saturday, September 5th from 2 – 5 pm. You can stroll along paths or sit a spell to soak in all the beauty. At 2:30, expect a bit of speechifying about my book, The Magical World of Moss Gardening, and of course, I'll be happy to sign your book. You might find moss fairies flitting around this green oasis. If you are a moss DIYer, this is your opportunity to buy some cool mosses for your projects.       MountainMoss_AnnieTractorIvy_WEB In 2015, we’ve tackled the enormous task of moving our Mossery and all of our moss cultivation operations to a convenient location near downtown. After clearing tons of English ivy in preparation (a challenging and laborious task captured on YouTube video), we have about 5000 sq ft of shade and sun moss species in production – container trays for DIY projects, moss mats that roll out like emerald carpets. MountainMoss_Mossery_MossCarpet_WEB   MountainMoss_NewMossery_004_WEB It’s a beautiful setting for a Mossery and only a couple of miles from home. My moss assistants and I get to enjoy cardinals, robins, doves, and even a crow (that we’ve named Royce) flitting all around and serenading us while we work. We can get into the swing of daily production duties to the beat of an incredible drummer, Jeff Sipe, whose studio is nearby. To our delight, we have three white squirrels and their gray brothers and sisters frolicking around. Occasionally, an Eastern box turtle wanders through. Sounds enchanting? Well, these pesky critters and birds create challenges for our cultivation efforts. We’ve resorted to using greenhouse-type shade screens over trays and mats to avoid devoting time to incessant repairs. The realities of being a moss farmer… PaulMooreMossLawn_WEBHave you been craving mosses for your home or business? Maybe it’s time to expand your moss footprint in your landscape. Autumn and even winter are ideal seasons to plant mosses. Transform your grass lawn into a moss carpet or create a small moss focal feature with live mosses available at our new Mossery or through our online Moss Shop. Shipped live and fresh, home gardeners and landscapers can select from a variety of mosses including familiar choices as well as exclusive specialty species. MountainMoss_JeffFletcherWe will continue to schedule special appointments for interested moss shoppers. In the near future, Mountain Moss will offer designated moss shopping days as well as a series of hands-on moss gardening classes/workshops at our new Mossery. I’ll keep you posted with details in the next newsletter. In the meantime, please realize that the Mossery is a production facility and therefore, it is NOT open to the general public on a regular basis.  Thanks to Jeffrey Fletcher, innovative photographer, and his daughter, for being our very first “by appointment only” customers ( We’ve had some other distinguished visitors as well – Dr. Larry Mellichamp from Charlotte, NC (author, Native Plants of the Southeast, Timber Press, 2014); a group of student researchers from South Korea funded by LG Global Challenge; and J. Paul Moore, aka “Moss Man” and superb photographer from Nashville, TN (   MountainMoss_LMellinchamp_WEBMountainMoss_SKoreanGroup_02_WEB  MountainMoss_PaulMooreVisit

 For a Mossery appointment or to rsvp for MOSS-apalooza and obtain directions, please contact:

Y'all come!

Timber to publish new moss gardening book 0

Mountain Moss is pleased and proud to announce that Timber Press, the world's largest publisher of gardening books, will be publishing my moss gardening book.

Needless to say, I am quite honored and excited to partner with this respected publisher. To share my passion and expertise with others has been a personal and professional goal. My book will answer key questions about “how-to” become a successful moss gardener. This 250 pp book will be loaded with pertinent info and enhanced by at least 200 impressive photographs. I hope my casual writing style will appeal to a wide audience (but I'll still be using some scientific terms for accuracy and clarification). Of course, lots of work lies ahead. Writing and print production will take well over a year. The editor has told me that the title will change several times before printing. So, expect my moss gardening book (by whatever title) to reach your local bookstore in 2015.

For those of you who know me personally, you'll realize this is a giant leap in my moss journey. I've paid my dues by researching topics and systematically conducting field experiments related to effective cultivation methods with various bryophytes, substrates, maintenance requirements and recommended watering regimes. I'm ready to share techniques so others can experience the joys of moss gardening. It's been a long trek but all my mossin' activities feed my spirit. Thanks to all my friends and supporters who have encouraged me to follow my mossy dreams!

Go Green With Mosses!

Mossin' Annie

PS Keep following our blog. We'll be reaching out to other gardeners to share their own moss gardening experiences and publication-quality photographs for possible inclusion in my book.

Fall 2013 Short Courses 0

Want to learn more about mosses from an expert? Wishing that you could identify mosses growing in your own yard or when you're hiking in the forest? Wondering which mosses can be featured in your garden? Mountain Moss is offering two classes in Fall 2013 through Brevard College's community education program – Creekside. Mossin' in the Woods will be held Sept 19 & 20. Moss Gardening class is scheduled for October 10 & 11. These classes will be open to the public. If you want to attend, please register through Brevard College located in Brevard, NC:


Web site:

September 19 & 20, 2013, Thursday & Friday, 1-4 pm

Mossin' in the Woods

Botanists and moss lovers will marvel at mosses as the class takes a hike in the woods to learn about

WNCs oldest plants – bryophytes. Over 450 million years old, this region boasts over 450 types of

bryophytes (mosses, liverworts, hornworts). The first session meets at Brevard College for classroom

preparation with PowerPoint lecture and impressive photographs accompanied with moss specimens

to examine up close. Second session will be held in the field at Holmes Educational State Forest. As you stroll along with Mossin' Annie, common mosses that can be recognized with the naked eye will be highlighted. Pleurocarpus and acrocarpus types of mosses will be identified with emphasis on the differences of mosses when wet vs. dry as well as distinctions during reproductive stages. Participants will begin their own herbarium collection of moss specimens. A close-up lens or loupe is suggested.

Course registration fee for Brevard College: $65.

Supplies Fee to be paid to instructor during first session: $35.

October 10 & 11, 2013, Thursday & Friday, 1-4 pm

Magical, Marvelous Mosses: Green Solutions for Today's Gardeners

Explore the fascinating world of our native mosses and discover how these eco-friendly plants make

great horticultural choices for today's gardeners. Transylvania's moss expert, Annie Martin aka Mossin'

Annie, will share key information on how to assess your microclimate and to choose the right mosses

for the right place. First session conducted in classroom with PowerPoint program featuring moss

gardens and an introduction to moss gardening methods. Second session will be an on-site visit to

Mountain Moss' demonstration garden featuring 50 different species of bryophytes where you'll learn

how to create moss focal features and moss lawns. Each participant will have an opportunity to create

their own moss dish garden to keep. Containers, selection of live mosses, decorative rocks, lichens and

native plants provided to Creekside students.

Course registration fee for Brevard College: $65.

Supplies Fee to be paid to instructor during first session: $35.

To register for these Fall 2013 Creekside classes through Brevard College:

NOTE: Most of our educational programs are scheduled well in advance by garden clubs, Master Gardeners and environmental groups. Occasionally, Go Green With Moss lectures, workshops and hikes are held at botanical gardens or other public venues. To schedule a program for your group, please contact me directly: Schedule your upcoming events soon since lecture fees will most likely increase after my moss gardening book is published in 2015.

All blog content and photographs are the intellectual property of Mountain Moss.

Permission to use any portion must be obtained in writing from Annie Martin. Copyright 2013.

Learning Moss Garden 0

If you want to learn more about mosses in landscapes and gardens, we now have a learning moss garden located in the Botanic Garden at the Highlands Biological Station in Highlands, NC – a research facility affiliated with Western Carolina University and the University of North Carolina system. The Leila Barnes Cheatham Learning Moss Garden exemplifies mosses used creatively in a natural setting. This moss retreat is one of the few places in America where the bryophytes (mosses) are actually identified with labels. This venue sets the stage for educational programs about the beauty and environmental benefits of mosses in landscapes. Installed in Winter 2013 during freezing temperatures and snowfall, this garden honors the memory of an avid native plant enthusiast – Leila Barnes Cheatham – and perpetuates her love of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

A native of Griffin, Georgia, Leila III spent many summers at her mountain house near the Biological Station. She took her kids hiking along the HBS trails and taught them to appreciate all types of indigenous plants. In fact, nearby Leila's Rock is one of the only privately-owned rock cliffs that hasn't been commercially developed. It is a place where hikers stop to rest and picnic while enjoying spectacular views during treks along the Bartram Trail.

Despite the harsh weather conditions during installation, the creation of this unique moss garden has been my pleasure. I'm honored to be part of this project that memorializes my best friend's mother. Leila Cheatham Von Stein and I have mossed together for years. We have spent many hours in search of mosses on her Rich Mountain property delighting in our discoveries. To create an educational moss garden in a public venue is a goal we both have shared for years. Thanks to Leila IV for providing funds to realize the first phase.

Climacium, Atrichum, Thuidium, Hypnum, Entodon, and Leucobryum are among the many moss types you'll find in Leila's Learning Moss Garden. The 200 sq ft garden continues to thrive and we'd like to expand its footprint. If you are a moss lover and you would like to contribute to this expansion, please donate now:

***Make sure to note that HBS donation is intended for Leila Barnes Cheatham Learning Moss Garden.

All blog content and photographs are the intellectual property of Mountain Moss.

Permission to use any portion must be obtained in writing from Annie Martin. Copyright 2013.