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Welcome 2011


As 2011 begins, moss plans in motion. Surely all these baby steps will lead to giant leaps this year. Yesterday started off with email contact from a moss lover in California. It's exciting to connect with folks who have always wanted to use mosses in their landscapes. Memories from childhood or fascination with glimpses of green throughout all seasons seem to prompt this desire to treat mosses as real plants for serious consideration. Moss connections continued throughout the day. A Florida moss lover sent back glowing comments about her new moss calendar and Mood Moss Mini Terrarium necklace. While shipping a 2011 Bryophyte Calendar to another moss lover in Virginia, I ran into a Louisiana hurricane transplant. He commented on seeing a niche of bright green mosses along the high ridges of the Blue Ridge Parkway up at Sam's Knob. When I bumped into the dog catcher, he said guys were wondering when the “Moss Lady” was coming back to the animal shelter. Guess it's time for another rescue of Atrichum and Mnium from behind the kennels again. After trying to peddle a few calendars at the local bookstore, I headed home. To my delight, a professor friend from Roanoke called and we talked over an hour about potential mosses for land reclamation at rock quarries. Collaborative project in the works. Finally, I spent time in my own moss garden. The 10 inches of Christmas snow has melted already and green is once again revealed for winter pleasure. New Entodon seductrix sporophytes have appeared nestled under the fronds of Appalachian Rock Polypody fern.

So many ways to Green America with Mosses! The future is bright... and green! Go Green With Moss in 2011!

PS There's still time to order your own Moss Calendar NOW!

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