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Moss-as-Art Creations


Moss-as-Art Creations by Mossin' Annie

The magic of mosses has fascinated many of us since childhood. Fantasy worlds for fairies and homes for pet chameleons prompted my first terrarium. In this miniature landscape of mosses, I could let my imagination soar through the cool, green mosses. Mosses make us smile and many folks have shared their own moss memories with me. There are many moss lovers who appreciate the beauty of bringing mosses indoors.

Want to bring the “green” inside for holiday enjoyment? Or give “green” gifts this year?

Mossin' Annie creates exceptional LIVE moss art. Using “forest driftwood” as containers, her designs mirror the beauty of a forest floor. These one-of-a-kind creations feature various mosses with selected miniature plants. Some of this season's creations feature spalded maple logs with lichens. Whether given as a gift to that special person in your life or as a gift to yourself, these artistic pieces will delight you for a long time.

Our marvelous moss terrariums add a touch of elegance to any interior and require minimal maintenance. Terrariums are making a comeback and our terrariums feature mosses and native plants that thrive in this contained mini-environment. By following our misting guidelines, these moss terrariums, dish gardens and moss art logs can thrive for years.

We've captured back some of that childhood magic in the creation of our own moss art to share with others. Our online Moss Shop offers a good selection for all your holiday needs. Contact Mossin' Annie directly to discuss larger custom orders for special events, weddings or conferences.

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